The Scarbo Duo pays tribute to José Luis Turina

[Scherzo, 6-11-2022] “They are important works and were impeccably performed. Laura Sánchez and Cristina Lucio-Villegas are two pianists with broad technique and remarkable expressive capacity. Besides, as a Dúo Scarbó, not only do they complement each other magnificently, but they also acquire a personality and a capacity that makes each work shine perfectly. If it [...]

The Scarbo Duo pays tribute to José Luis Turina2022-11-16T09:22:34+00:00

Party in Paris

[Diario de Sevilla, 16-09-2022] “Lucio-Villegas was brilliant in that lyrical effusion of the first movement and in the torrential overflow of the second, not forgetting the drama of her interventions in the third" Andrés Moreno Mengíbar READ (in Spanish)

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To hope

[Mundoclasico.com, 29-06-2020] “Lucio-Villegas is a pianist of more than considerable means and enviable musical sensitivity, and all this was evident from the beginning." R. Ortega Basagoiti READ

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Perfumes and colors in a flute

[Diario de Sevilla, 04-06-2019] “Lucio-Villegas performed a billiant version, full of subtlety in the articulation, while Ruibérriz offered a seducing and very well balance legato (…) The pianist showed us her colour palette (great pedal technique) and the delicacy of her phrasing, combined with her sense of rhythm (…)" A. Moreno Mengíbar Read (in Spanish)

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“Impulsive and brilliant debut”

[Diario de Sevilla, 20-12-2012] Impetuoso y brillante debut ("Impulsive and brilliant debut") “Cristina Lucio-Villegas made her debut at the Maestranza Theatre with a programme that allowed us to assess her wonderful technical and musical abilities (...)" “Splendid 3rd Chopin sonata, where the melody was flexible, elegant and subtile and the bass always clear and refined." [...]

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